Demi Moore Biography:

Demi Moore (Demetria Guynes) was born on the 11th of November 1962 in Roswell, New Mexico. Her father an Air Force man left her mother Victoria after a two-month marriage before Demi was born. Her stepfather Danny Guynes didn't guarantee much stability to her life either. He frequently changed jobs and made the family move more than 30 times. Until her adolescence Demi did not know that Danny was not her real father. Her parents used to drink and argue, until Guynes finally committed suicide by inhaling carbon monoxide from the exhaust of his car. Demi moved with her mother to LA.

She dropped out of high school at the age of 16 to work as a pin-up-girl. At 18 she married the rock musician Freddy Moore; the marriage lasted four years. In 1982 she became a regular on the TV show General Hospital.

But being newly married and having a steady acting job didn't guarantee stability. Moore began abusing drugs: "I got involved with drugs because I was young and not sure how to deal with my sudden burst of fame."

That lasted more than 3 years, until director Joel Schumacher fired her from the set of St. Elmo's Fire when she turned up high. She got a withdrawal treatment and returned after a week... and stayed clean. At the set of St. Elmo's Fire Demi met Estevez with whom she began a romance that dipped in and out of engagement for three years. "Estevez was definitely my first love," she told Cosmopolitan.

But Estevez was not the love of her life. That was Bruce Willis, who Moore met at a screening of Estevez's 1987 film, Stakeout. After seeing each other almost daily for just four months, they were married in Vegas by a fittingly flamboyant minister -- Little Richard. From that kitschy union, the couple had appeared to have forged an old-fashioned family with three daughters, Rumer, Scout and Tallulah."A family, for me as a young girl, was my image of what I hoped for. It was part of the big picture," she told Vanity Fair in '92.

But from the start, tabloids and the rumor mill predicted the headstrong pair's imminent rift -- first as Moore's stardom rose to Willis's height, then as the hard-working couple spent more time apart. In 1997 they waged a highly publicized court battle with former nanny, Kim Tannahill, who accused the pair -- especially Moore -- of being inattentive to the children and abusive employers. After more than ten years, the incessant naysaying proved right -- Moore and Willis split in the summer of 1998. Friends called the parting amicable, though Liz Smith reported that "Demi has taken the breakup much harder than Bruce."

Perhaps that was because Willis had other things to concentrate on, like his still booming career in for example The Fifth Element and Amageddon . The once-blazing Moore, on the other hand, had no new projects lined up. In the early '90s her big pictures, including Ghost and Indecent Proposal had indeed proved huge, despite critics' disapproval. That seeming bankability had helped vault Moore to the top of the A-list of Hollywood actresses. But later vehicles like 1996's Striptease (which might have been more enticing if Moore hadn't already twice bared all for the cover of Vanity Fair) and G.I. Jane (a picture many critics called publicity for the army) underwhelmed critics and audiences.

Still, it would be foolhardy to count Moore down -- or out. The steel-willed actress has always seemed unfazed by criticism of her naked ambition. She told George magazine: "There's still a negative attitude in our society towards women who use a strength that's inherent -- their femininity -- in any way that might be considered seductive."

After appearing in GI Jane and Deconstructing Harry in 1997, Moore took a three year break from Hollywood to spend more time with her children. However even now she is not jumping back into her career. In 2000 she was the lead role in Passions of the Mind, and later this year she's appearing as the villainess in Charlie's Angels 2. She has also lent her trademark husky voice to several animated ventures.


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