Professional Name: Elisha Cuthbert

Birth Name: Elisha Ann Cuthbert

Birth Date: November 30, 1982

Birth Place: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Occupation: Actress

Claim to Fame: TV Series "24"

Height: 5'4''
Elisha Cuthbert
Elisha Cuthbert

-While trotting the globe as a correspondent for the award-winning series "Popular Mechanics for Kids" (1997), she caught the eye of First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton and was invited to Washington for a meeting with her.

-Was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada but later moved and grew up in the Greenfield Park district, in Longueuil (south shore of Montreal), Quebec, Canada.

-Is a former foot model

-Speaks French as a result of growing up in Montreal

-Dislikes flying so much that she has certain rituals she must do: like always board the plane with her right foot first. (From an April 2004 appearence on Conan O'Brien)

-Engaged to longtime boyfriend Trace Ayala, best friend and personal assistant to Justin Timberlake. [June 2004]

-Nickname: Leesh

-Sometimes credited as: Elisha Cuthbert Pompis

Cat Tale (2008) (voice) .... Cleo
My Sassy Girl (2007) .... Jordan Roark
He Was a Quiet Man (2007) .... Vanessa
Captivity (2007) .... Jennifer Tree
"24" .... Kim Bauer (2001-2006)
The Quiet (2005) .... Nina Deer
House of Wax (2005) .... Carly Jones
The Girl Next Door (2004) .... Danielle
Love Actually (2003) .... Carol-Anne, American Goddess
Old School (2003) .... Darcie
"Largo Winch" .... Abbey (1 episode, 2001)
Lucky Girl (2001) (TV) .... Katlin Palmerston
"Are You Afraid of the Dark?" .... Megan (4 episodes, 1999-2000)
Mail to the Chief (2000) (TV) .... Madison Osgood
Believe (2000) .... Katherine Winslowe
Time at the Top (1999) .... Susan Shawson
Who Gets the House? (1999) .... Emily Reece
Nico the Unicorn (1998) .... Carolyn Price
Airspeed (1998) .... Nicole Stone
Dancing on the Moon (1997) .... Sarah

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