Confidence -
Rating: 6.5/10
Genre: Crime/Thriller/Drama

Starring: Edward Burns, Rachel Weisz, Andy Garcia, Dustin Hoffman

Directed by: James Foley

Written by: Doug Jung

Length: 98 minutes

Rated: R for language, violence, and sexuality/nudity

Edward Burns and Rachel Weisz
Synopsis: This is the story of a con man (Burns) whose latest scam puts him in debt with the mafia, when it turns out that his victim, an accountant, is a *mob* accountant. In order to pay back the kingpin (Hoffman), Burns agrees to pull a big scam in order to pay back the mob.

Review: This is one of those movies that you know is going to have a surprise ending. I love those movies. Unfortunately, I was anticipating a twist and managed to figure it out what it was before the end. Apparently I’ve seen enough of these movies to know what to expect. However I’m going to chalk it up to my amazing perceptive abilities, because I still think that this movie was well thought-out.

I was a little under-impressed with Ed Burn’s portrayal of the loner con-man, who for some reason wants to avenge one the death of one of his partners. He played the part very cold and stony, and I think he could have done a better job. Rachel Weisz is just plain fun to look at, and while her character doesn’t have much depth her performance was satisfying. Hoffman and Garcia play some really campy characters, which got a little annoying at times. Luis Guzman and Donal Logue playing the crooked cops at least added some solid characters.

Overall I would recommend this movie. If you don’t go expecting to be blown away, it is enjoyable and flashy and all things great in a Hollywood film.


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