S.W.A.T. -
Rating: 7/10
Genre: Action, Thriller, Crime, Drama

Starring: Colin Farrell, Samuel L. Jackson, Michelle Rodriguez, LL Cool J, Josh Charles, Jeremy Renner, Brian Van Holt, Olivier Martinez

Directed by: Clark Johnson

Written by: Robert Hamner, Ron Mita

Length: 111 minutes

Rated: PG-13 for violence, language, and sexual references

Colin Farrell, Brian Van Holt, LL Cool J, Michelle Rodriguez, Samuel L. Jackson

An imprisoned drug kingpin offers a huge cash reward to anyone that can break him out of police custody and a special S.W.A.T. team must transfer him to prison.

This movie is your typical big-budget, shoot-em-up, blow-em-up, get the bad guys flick. But I must say, this was a good one. There was just the right blend of character study and action sequences to make the plot ride smoothly over the course of the film. The writing had a few genuinely funny moments, delivered well by the cast, which are unfortunately rare in movies such as this. It was fast, it was exciting, and it was enjoyable. S.W.A.T. was a refreshing cut above the usual action fare.

Somehow this movie managed to get all of its starring actors into the roles they play best. Colin Farrell is Street, the rebellious yet morally in the right police officer who has gotten on the wrong side of his superior. He seems to like those roles. Yet once again is American accent in impeccable, coming from an Irishman. Samuel L. Jackson, on top of his game as usual, plays his S.W.A.T. team captain who is on his side. The team is rounded out by Michelle Rodriguez, the tough girl in a world of men (a la Girlfight), and LL Cool J the good humored, even-tempered member of the team. Olivier Martinez rounds it out as the international criminal who causes the L.A.P.D. so much trouble. He does a fine job in a role that actually is completely different from what we’re used to (remember the sexy Other Man in Unfaithful?).

If you have two hours spare hours and you would like to be entertained sometime this summer, go see this movie. It would be an enjoyable way to spend them.



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