Professional Name: Rachel McAdams

Birth Name: Rachel MacAdams

Birth Date: 7 October 1976

Birth Place: London, Ontario, Canada

Occupation: Actress

Claim to Fame: Mean Girls (2004)

Height: 5'5''

Rachel McAdams

-Attended Original Kids Theatre Company in London, Ontario

-Her father Lance is a truck driver, and her mother, Sandy, is a nurse. She has a younger sister, Kayleen and younger brother, Daniel.

-Born in the same hospital as The Notebook (2004) co-star Ryan Gosling -- St. Joseph's Hospital in London, Ontario -- though she's older.

-In 1995, she received an acting award for her role in the one-act high school play I Live in a Little Town when it was presented at the prestigious Ontario Showcase at the Sears Drama Festival.

-Studied theater at York University in Toronto, where she appeared in numerous stage and student film productions. During her senior year, she played a child in The Piper, a workshop led by a creative team from Toronto's Necessary Angel Theatre Company.

-Was told to partly model the character of Regina George after Alec Baldwin's performance in Glengarry Glen Ross (1992).

-Graduated from York University with honors & a B.F.A. in theater

-Is a vegetarian.


The Family Stone (2005) (filming) .... Amy Stone
Red-Eye (2005/I) .... Lisa Reisert
Wedding Crashers (2005) .... Claire Cleary
The Notebook (2004) .... Allie Hamilton
Mean Girls (2004) .... Regina George
"Slings and Arrows" (2003) TV Series .... Kate McNab
The Hot Chick (2002) .... Jessica Spencer/Clive Maxtone
Perfect Pie (2002) .... Patsy (age 15)
My Name Is Tanino (2002) .... Sally Garfield
Guilt by Association (2002) (TV) .... Danielle
"Shotgun Love Dolls" (2001) TV Series .... Beth

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