Professional Name: Saffron Burrows

Birth Name: Saffron Dominique Burrows

Birth Date: January 1, 1973

Birth Place: London, England, UK

Occupation: Model, actress

Claim to Fame: Deep Blue Sea, 1999

Height: 6'

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Saffron Burrows

-While guesting on the Conan O'Brien Show in December 1999, she stated that her height is six feet tall.

-Dating filmmaker Mike Figgis [2000]

-Dated actor Alan Cumming.

-Saffron is the daughter of highly political, liberal parents. In childhood, she sold the Socialist Worker newsletter for pocket money, attended marches and rallies after school with her activist mother and stepfather, and even shared her home with striking miners.

-Saffron Burrows was discovered at 15 in Covent garden and embarked on a successful career as a model. Burrows modeled in Paris and London for Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Vivienne Westwood. But she'd studied drama since she was a child and made her first film at the age of 17, leaving the catwalk behind.

Gray Matters (2004)
Sky Is Green, The (2004).... Alicia
Troy (2004) .... Andromache
Peter Pan (2003) (voice) .... Story Narrator
Galindez File, The (2003) .... Muriel Colbert
Flashpoint (2002) (TV) .... Dara
Frida (2002) .... Gracie
Seventh Stream, The (2001) (TV) .... Mairead
Hotel (2001) .... Duchess of Malfi
Tempted (2001) .... Lilly Le Blanc
Enigma (2001) .... Claire Romilly
Gangster No. 1 (2000) .... Karen
Timecode (2000) .... Emma
Miss Julie (1999) .... Miss Julie
Deep Blue Sea (1999) .... Dr. Susan McCallister
Loss of Sexual Innocence, The (1999) .... English/Italian Twin
Wing Commander (1999) .... Lt. Cmdr. 'Angel' Devereaux
MatchMaker, The (1997) .... Moira Kennedy Kelly
One Night Stand (1997) .... Supermodel
Lovelife (1997) .... Zoey
Nevada (1997) .... Quinn
"Karaoke" (1996) (mini) TV Series .... Sandra Sollars
Hotel de Love (1996) .... Melissa Morrison
I Bring You Frankincense (1996)
"Cold Lazarus" (1996) (mini) TV Series .... Sandra Sollars
Circle of Friends (1995) .... Nan Mahon
Big One, The (1995/I) (TV) .... Jules
Welcome II the Terrordome (1995) .... Jodie
In the Name of the Father (1993) .... Girl in Commune

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