Sarah Michelle Gellar was born April 14th, 1977 to mother Rosalyn, and father Arthur in New York City. Several years later Sarah and her mother were dining in a restaurant when a casting director spotted Sarah and weeks later she was casted in a commercial.

At the age of four Gellar was making her first commercial for fast food chain, Burger King. One of those commercials is the infamous one that blurted something about McDonalds’ burgers and suddenly her employers were in the middle of “The Battle of The Burgers” lawsuit. The suit was settled in 1982. This incident did not make Sarah lose hope but gave her a better prospective of the real acting environment. Sarah has been in more than a 150 commercials since then.

Little Gellar lands her first role. She is six now and acting in the 1983 Television Movie, An Invasion of Privacy. In 1984, Sarah’s mother divorced her father. This does not affect her career though.

Gellar attended the Columbia Grammar School, 5 West 93rd Street. She lived across Central Park with her mother. Her mother gave her daughter such great support. Sarah calls her mom, “ The most amazing woman she has ever meet in her entire life.” The school’s principal called Sarah’s mom “Super supportive” and how she emphasized Sarah’s education. Sarah was going to school, ice skating, acting, and taking Tae Kwan Do all at once. Her mother had a rule though, if Gellar’s grades were less than an A- then she was to stop working. She had to pick two things to do since all were overwhelming, so she chose acting and of course education.

Along with acting and going to school, she still managed to find time to ice skate and take Tae Kwan Do. Sarah ranked 3rd in a New York State competition and received a brown belt in Tae Kwan Do.

Now here comes the downside of acting and going to school. Sarah was torn between going to a sleep-over or auditioning and now she was moving to another school. Life was becoming a little more difficult. When she switch schools to, New York’s Professional Children’s School. She still was torn between the prom or the Emmy’s. Her peers had similar decisions to make as well, career or education.

Here comes the good and busy years. The mid eighties, she landed roles in the TV series, Spence for Hire (1986), Funny Farm (1988), and a theatrical role in The Widow Claire, along with Mathew Broderick and Eric Stoltz. Sarah was now 14 and landed another role as teenage Jacqueline Bouvier in NBC’s TV Mini Series, A Woman Named Jackie. It doesn’t stop there, Sarah’s career is getting better and better. Another role she landed in the TV Show, Swans Crossing in 1992.

Here is were she would start to be noticed. Her first major television role as Kendall Hart on the long-running soap opera, All My Children. In this role she got some good acting experience such as seducing her stepfather, shooting someone, and finally going into a coma. She was nominated for a Daytime Emmy in 1994, but lost. 1995 came and Sarah won the Daytime Emmy that she had lost the year before. Sarah graduated two years early from the Professional School with a 4.0. After her graduating she moved from the Big Apple to Hollywood were she would take off in her career.

Her next role was to play Jane Robinson, in the TV- Movie Beverly Hills, Family Robinson. In 1996, Gellar audition for the role of Cordelia Chase for Buffy The Vampire Slayer. The producers saw more than just an evil popular high school student, they saw her as the slayer and that’s how she got the role of Buffy. She went on to star in the horror films, I Know What You Did Last Summer, Scream 2, and the romantic films, Cruel Intentions, and Simply Irresistible. On the sad note, Arthur, Sarah's father died recently in New York City of unconfirmed circumstances. Sarah does not seem moved by what happens and she says, "A sperm donor is not considered a father." and I have to agree with her on that one. Sarah had Blockbuster success this year with the release of Scooby-Doo, the live action movie. The movie grossed over 150 Million in the states, and over 240 Million Internationally. A sequel is set to be filmed in 2003/2004. Gellar also starred in Harvard Man, an independent film directed by the legendary James Toback. The film was released in various US cities, and was featured at the 2001 Cannes Film Festival. Both titles are available on DVD and Video. Sarah continues to star in Buffy, and the show is well into its seventh season.

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