Professional Name: Sigourney Weaver

Birth Name: Susan Alexandra Weaver

Birth Date: October 8, 1949

Birth Place: New York City, New York, USA

Occupation: Actress

Claim to Fame: Alien (1979)

Height: 5'11''

Hair:> Brown

Eyes: Brown

Sigourney Weaver

-Married to Jim Simpson (1 October 1984 - present) 1 child

-Changed her name after reading "The Great Gatsby".

-Daughter of NBC-TV executive Sylvester "Pat" Weaver and actress Elizabeth Inglis.

-Afraid to travel in elevators.

-Speaks fluent French and German.

-Graduated from Stanford University in 1972 with a bachelor's degree in English.

-Has one daughter, Charlotte Simpson, born 13 April 1990

-Sigourney Weaver is one of the elite eight thespians to have been nominated for both a Supporting and Lead Acting Academy Award in the same year. The other seven are Fay Bainter, Teresa Wright, Jessica Lange, Al Pacino, Emma Thompson, Holly Hunter, and Julianne Moore.

-Her salary for Alien: Resurrection (1997) was more than the entire cost of the original "Alien" movie.

Imaginary Heroes (2004).... Sandy Travis
Woods, The (2004).... Alice
Happily N'Ever After (2003) (voice) .... Frida
Holes (2003) .... Warden Louise Walker
Guys, The (2002) .... Joan
Tadpole (2002) .... Eve Grubman
Big Bad Love (2001) (voice) .... Voice of Betti DeLoreo
Heartbreakers (2001) .... Angela Nardino/Max Conners/Ulga Yevanova
Speak Truth to Power (2000) .... Various
Company Man (2000) .... Daisy Quimp
Galaxy Quest (1999) .... Gwen DeMarco/Lt. Tawny Madison
Map of the World, A (1999) .... Alice Goodwin
Alien: Resurrection (1997) .... Lt. Ellen Ripley Clone #8
Snow White: A Tale of Terror (1997) .... Lady Claudia Hoffman/Old Crone
Ice Storm, The (1997) .... Janey Carver
Copycat (1995) .... Helen Hudson
Jeffrey (1995) .... Debra Moorhouse
Death and the Maiden (1994) .... Paulina Escobar
Dave (1993) .... First Lady Ellen Mitchell
1492: Conquest of Paradise (1992) .... Queen Isabel
Alien³ (1992) .... Ellen Ripley
Ghostbusters II (1989) .... Dana Barrett
Working Girl (1988) .... Katharine Parker
Gorillas in the Mist: The Story of Dian Fossey (1988) .... Dian Fossey
Half Moon Street (1986) .... Lauren Slaughter
Aliens (1986) .... Lt. Ellen Ripley
Une femme ou deux (1985) .... Jessica Fitzgerald [aka One Woman or Two]
Terror in the Aisles (1984) (archive footage) .... Ripley (segment "Alien")
Ghost Busters (1984) .... Dana Barrett
Deal of the Century (1983) .... Catherine DeVoto
Year of Living Dangerously, The (1982) .... Jill Bryant
Eyewitness (1981) .... Tony Sokolow
3 by Cheever: O Youth and Beauty! (1979) (TV) .... Marcia Lawton
3 by Cheever: The Sorrows of Gin (1979) (TV) .... Marcia Lawton
Alien (1979) .... Ripley
Madman (1978)
"Best of Families, The" (1977) (mini) TV Series .... Laura Wheeler
Annie Hall (1977) .... Alvy's Date Outside Theatre
"Somerset" (1970) TV Series .... Avis Ryan (1976)

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